News from Haiti

To all of you out there wondering what is happening to us here, things are really quite good. The clinic team has had 2 days together now, seeing 140 patients and school kids yesterday and about 450 more today, and they are a pro organization. A well oiled machine, wanting to see even more. Working in the new clinic has worked out so well that they are going to stay another day there tomorrow before going to Bayonnaise.

The construction team has been plumbing away, and putting in sinks and cabinets with the Haitian plumber and carpenter.

The Xray works and tomorrow we should have a dark room. Meanwhile, Ken and his orthopedic team have done 3 Ortho cases, using the C-arm portable Xray. Today they fixed an ugly motorcycle-caused open tibia fracture by putting on an external fixeter, and took out plates used to repair bilateral femur fractures after the earthquake that needed to came out now that the bones have healed.

Tomorrow I have two hydrocele/hernias on, and another coming in for Thursday.

We are being taken care of in first-class fashion by Father Max and the crew at the Rectory. The interpreters are wonderful (as usual).

The weather is the coolest, most pleasant we ever remember.

To all our family-members and friends wondering how things are going, we are doing wonderfully. We love you.

The February Haiti Team.


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