Trip to Gonaives in 2 weeks

Our January trip is about to commence. We will be taking a team of 29 people to Haiti leaving on the 14th and returning on the 22nd of January.

There will be two teams, primary care and surgical, and an advanced party (next week) to repair the portable x-ray machine at the hospital and install a digital film processor and get everything ready prior to the arrival of the main team.

We plan on doing orthopedic and general surgeries at the hospital, while seeing primary care patients at our new clinic with our Haitian doctor and nurse counterparts, as well as at outlying rural areas, where we will hold mobile clinics.

Glad to see everyone on board!

Jim, H4H

P.S. We sure could use a grant writer to get funding to keep the clinic going!


One Response to “Trip to Gonaives in 2 weeks”

  1. Freling Bernard Says:

    I discover your action at Gonaives .
    I have a very dear friend , Youseline AZOR , which is at the hôpital de la Providence at the moment, and so diffucult to have any report.
    She is suposed to have a chirurgical intervention in the next few days .
    If you CAN Help me to Check What’s happening For her, I Will thank you so much .
    I am in France at the moment and ready to come

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