Robinson got his ‘new eye’ yesterday!

Text I received from Robinson today! He has his new eye!
> “Hi, Dr Jim! The prosthesis was done yesterday. I am so happy for > that. I cannot stop thanking you 4 your help. Robinson” >

Comment: For those of you who don’t know who Robinson is, he is one of our beloved interpreters in Haiti whom we see every trip. Last spring he lost his eye in a freak accident when a bottle of soda blew up in his face. There is an eye team that we were told about by Dr. Brigitte Hudicourt, an eye doctor in Port-au-Prince. It is run by William L. White, MD, Associated Ophthalmologists of Kansas City, who does semi-annual trips to Haiti to do eye-care. They bring an ocularist (one who makes artificial eyes) on each trip, because there aren’t any ocularists in Haiti. This month’s trip Dave LeGrand came with them to St Louis du Nord for a week (in the north of Haiti). Dave emailed me ahead of time and told me where they would be, which I texted to Robinson. It looks like they made connections! Thank you Dave, and Bill!

Dr Jim


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