Cholera situation now worsening in Gonaives

Dr Roger sends the following radio report about cadavers piling up in the streets in Gonaives. At his request we have coordinated the shipment of 2 loads of 170 and 200 boxes (respectfully) of IV fluids, administrations sets, gloves, water pitchers, and antibiotics from Project CURE via American Airlines to hospitals in the Artibonite river valley over the last 3 weeks. Unfortunately, it appears that they haven’t seen the last of this epidemic yet.

Municipal authorities in Gonaives have reported an increased incidence of deaths from the cholera epidemic. The mayor of Gonaives, Saint Pierre Justin Read, says that for a single day, Nov. 9, 31 bodies were buried. According to the Councillor of the City of Independence epidemic has affected virtually every neighborhood. Visibly dehydrated bodies were recovered in the streets of Jubilee Raboteau, Sun K, Lot Bo Kanal, Hole sab, etc. Bigo.

Over the last 5 days the municipal services have recovered some fifty corpses in the streets. The mayor is concerned about this situation and seek greater attention of health authorities. He also deplores the passivity of the doctors and staff shortages in hospitals. Meanwhile, the mayor mentioned the lack of stock chlorine. Health officials recommend the chlorine treatment of corpses before burial.

Citizens are also worried about the outbreak of the cholera epidemic. A hundred people marched in the streets of Gonaives yesterday to demand a better response to the epidemic. The demonstrators denounced the laxity of the authorities. They believe that elections should be postponed if the epidemic is not controlled. Not far from Gonaives, Gros Morne, municipal authorities are also worried. Mayor Gros Morne Beaugé Wilner, sending out an SOS for Alma Mater Hospital, private sanitary materials. During the day of 9 November 6 patients died of cholera. The partial assessment of the epidemic in this city is 19 dead and more than 600 hospitalizations. LLM / Radio Metropole Haiti



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