1.5 Million in Haiti still homeless

We are coming back to the states today from our week in Haiti. Yesterday we toured Port-au-Prince on our return from our week in Gonaives to see what has changed since the earthquake. Very little, really. More rubble has been cleared, the Smithsonian Institution is erecting scaffolding around the 3 remaining murals painted 60 years ago by Haiti’s first master artists that were destroyed with the walls of the Episcopal Cathedral, and there is a section of downtown now fenced off where nobody will be allowed to rebuild their buildings because it will be a new planned zone of government buildings, hotels, businesses, and shopping areas. Other than that, there are still families of all classes living in canvas hut communities all crammed together in every nook and cranny and previously empty piece of space in this seriously overcrowded city. It is heart-wrenching to see those families patiently enduring, surviving. The government sends water trucks around with clean water for 25 Gourds (about 50 cents) for 25 gallons. I am not sure if there is still any food aid. But other than that they are on their own. The schools are starting up again on October 4th (delayed due to damage to textbook suppliers, but ready now). Jobs? Medical care? What will be the future for these people? Its just not fair!

We are so fortunate to have what we have.

But on to more positive thoughts, such as, what did we accomplish on our trip?

See next entry: Small but positive steps in Gonaives.


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