Haiti’s future hangs in the balance with historic Presidential election scheduled for November

Dear friends,

As you all know the election coming up in Haiti this November has hit the world’s attention, not only because the American Haitian hip-hop singer Wyclef Jean (known in hip-hop music circles by most younger Americans, and all Haitians) had entered into it briefly as a candidate but also because it comes on the heels of the capital’s destruction by the Earthquake of January 12th. Many have felt since immediately after the earthquake that this represents a turning point for Haiti in its 200 year struggle to develop a truly functional democracy. They have more positive International attention and help being focused on them as they ‘start over’ rebuilding their educational, medical, housing, jobs, and governmental systems than ever before in history. Many, many things hang in the balance in this election. It is fitting that the world should know about it (and I imagine God’s Will is at work here, as I have suspected it has been all along in my brief acquaintance with Haiti).

Here are links to 3 recent articles about it in the Washington Post:




Dr Jim


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