X-RAY Equipment going to Gonaives

Dear friends,

This container-load of hospital equipment and supplies is being shipped from Health4Haiti via Project C. U. R. E. in Denver today. It is bound for the hospital in Gonaives, Haiti’s 3rd largest city, (population in excess of 400,000 including 150,000 refugees from the earthquake in Port-au-Prince). This hospital has been limping along (doing surgeries, deliveries, emergency care, and running 10 hospital wards of acute care patients) without an X-RAY or Ultrasound machine since the flood of the hurricanes of 2008.

Project C. U. R. E. (a non-profit organization which ships donated medical equipment all over the world) received many donations of equipment after the earthquake specifically for Haiti. Our organization, Health4Haiti, is providing a destination for some of that equipment. It is a match made in Heaven, as it were. We have been helping the hospital in Gonaives for 5 years (through 2 losses of the hospital from hurricanes), and will be helping supply them with equipment to open a new hospital which is planned…out of the flood zone!

We are also building a free clinic in Gonaives, which will be run by us and the Episcopal Church of St. Basile. A portion of this container’s equipment is for the grand opening of this clinic this September.

Once the X-RAY equipment is installed in the hospital, we will be taking a team of orthopedic (and other) surgeons and medical personnel on a volunteer relief mission there to mend broken bones from the earthquake (some healing crooked, some non-healing), and will be taking a prosthetist to begin fitting amputees for artificial limbs.

Donations to our small organization with an ambitious agenda are very much in need right now, in the wake of the devastating disaster to this, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

You can visit us on our website at www.Health4haiti.com.

X-RAY control panel

Entire X-RAY system ready to load on container!

Shane and Wendell Anderson of Denver put the whole X-RAY machine together out of several different brands from the Project C. U. R. E. warehouse (and


X-RAY film developers x 2!

The entire load ready to be loaded on container!




Walkers, crutches

3 Anesthesia Machines courtesy of St Thomas-More Hospital in Canon City, CO

Hill-Rom electric hospital beds, wheelchairs, etc.

LEVEL ONE rapid transfusion units (boy have these saved a lot of lives!) courtesy of Project C. U. R. E.

Ultrasound machine courtesy of St Mary-Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, CO

C-ARM Fluoroscopy machine courtesy of Parkview Hospital in Pueblo, CO

X-RAY system components. (2 LEVEL ONE rapid transfusion devices in the background)

Oxygen concentrators

Dr Jim



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