X-RAY equipment needed for Gonaives, Haiti

Dear readers,

Gonaives was not hurt by the earthquake per se, but has acquired 150,000 extra people who were displaced from Port-au-Prince, the capital. The problem is that this makeshift hospital, which was hastily thrown up inside a warehouse after the hurricanes in 2008 destroyed their old one, has not had ANY x-ray capability since then. I did some general surgery cases there 3 weeks ago, and am going back with another team in September, but they need orthopedic surgeons to help with the fractures still left over from the earthquake. I have several orthopedic surgeons who would love to come, but can’t do anything without x-ray. We are, therefore, looking for a regular x-ray machine and developer (and C-arm as well), so they can have x-ray capability. And of course I am helping them provide equipment for a new hospital, which ground-breaking should begin for soon, so any equipment you know of that could be donated (including beds, OR lights, you name it) I can take off your hands and store in the igloo we have rented at the Pueblo Chemical Depot, from which I will be shipping containers as I have money to do so.

Dr Jim


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