New storage location for Heath4haiti

Hey gang,

Guess what we did today? We rented an ammunition storage bunker (we call it an “Igloo”) at the Pueblo Army Depot! With help from Kieth Swerdferger, George Andrews of Andrew’s Produce, Andy Barr, Chuck Finley, J. T. Rabinowitz, Dr. Rick Meinig and Lori Dixon at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, Don Kaiser at St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, Jerri and Tom Brown (thanks for the BEAUTIFUL DENTAL CHAIR), and Lawrence Anaya (thanks for the 2 exam tables), we brought this wonderful donated medical stuff (equipment, instruments, and disposable supplies) altogether in one place that is going to be harder to overflow!

Now Kajsa and Will Harris get their barn back! (Thank you SO MUCH for letting us occupy and tie it up for the past year, you guys)! It was full of 30 pallets worth of stuff we have been collecting over the past year, until we had enough to fill a 40 foot shipping container to send it to Haiti. (Guess what, I think we’re there!) (Just need the money to ship it now). Much of it came from St. Thomas More Hospital in Canon City via Lisa Drew, RN, a charter member of our team. The rest just keeps coming in from time to time, and long ago we overflowed the extra exam room in our office that we dedicate to the donated supplies people bring for Haiti. The city of Pueblo is renting out these igloos for just $1,000 a year…and there are 600 of them empty out there at the depot.

Next trip to Haiti will be in September, and we are looking for an x-ray machine which the makeshift (warehouse) hospital in Gonaives desperately needs. In fact, without one, we really can’t take an orthopedic surgery team with our primary care team, because they can’t fix broken bones without x-ray. And of course there are lots of broken bones down there since the earthquake, many healing crooked.

We will be having our annual fundraising dinner and auction in October (Saturday the 16th at CSU Pueblo Ochiato Ballroom). But the need is there right now of course, as we all know. So if any one knows of a hospital or clinic getting a new x-ray machine, please find out if we can have their old one (as well as a film processor)!

Thanks again, to all!

Jim and Carrie Smith and the Health4haiti team.

(If anyone wants full quality copies of these photos for download, they will be on my Haiti photo website,




















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