I want to take this opportunity to put this out on our Health4haiti network: International Surgical Missions (ISM) is a fellow non-profit medical mission group in Pueblo, Colorado. Paul Radway, General Surgeon, founded this group and runs regular surgical missions to Ecuador and the Philippines, among other places. Dr. Ben Massey, Anesthesiologist of Pueblo Surgery Center and others of Health4haiti have been integrally involved with ISM creating and running a Free Day of Surgery here for the last 3 years. It was born from a desire to do something for some of the folks in our own backyard like we do outside our country’s borders for people who can’t afford care.

Susan Goemmer has applied for a Pepsi Refresh grant for ISM (International Surgical Missions) for this year’s FREE DAY OF SURGICAL GIVING held here in beautiful PUEBLO, CO. The free day of surgical care is currently in 18th place! You can vote once a day everyday in May. This is an incredible opportunity to assist in getting a grant to support this wonderful free day of surgical giving here in Pueblo, CO! Each year, community physicians along with resident physicians, nurses, surgery technicians, students, and others put on this wonderful event and help so MANY people who would otherwise not receive the necessary surgical care.

This Pepsi grant is crucial to keep this initiative going, and successful. Congratulations and big thanks to Susan Goemmer for putting it all together.

Now we need all you H4H followers and supporters to jump in here too and get on the internet and vote!

This fall will be the 3rd annual FREE DAY OF SURGICAL GIVING at Pueblo Surgery Center, with your help!

Please go to pepsirefresh.com, health, “Free surgery” and vote for ISM.


Dr. Jim


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