Final Trip Report April 17-25, 2010:

Last night Jacob and I made it back to Pueblo about 11:00 pm. We dropped off Laura on the way. Father Max emailed yesterday that he needs another 50,000 Gourdes (about $1282.00) to transport the container from PAP to Gonaives and $1500.00 for Mr. Murat to give to customs to release it. I suppose we’ll try to wire him the money. Otherwise, no container and no clinic.

So, what did we accomplish during our week? Saw A LOT of patients, with a really functional and efficient team with a great provider mix. Renewed the church’s faith in us, and our link with them…Fr Max, Christof (St Basile parishioner, Engineer, who was (and is) the contractor in charge of building the clinic with St Mary-Corwin providing the plans and funds until it all came to a halt over a year ago). Renewed our link with Dr St Gilles (Hospital Administrator), and the hospital.

And, speaking of links, how about those amazing links opened up between 14 new people and Haiti?

Restarted the clinic building project.

Made a potential Wyoming-Colorado prosthetist/PT connection (in the PAP airport on the way home… more about that in the future).

Cracked the logistics code on lodging a big team down there (in Gonaives, at the rectory).

Improved our interpreter pool.

Got (in the process of getting) good formulary vetting, tailoring to the needs down there.

The new team developed their own patient care treatment model, much like our previous team’s have all done, and refined it over and over again all week. One of these days we need to put it all down on paper!

Got a good container broker: Mr. Murat and the Episcopal Church.

Got our ‘lost’ construction container salvaged, demurrage charges negotiated and paid.

Witnessed a few more young people’s (and old people’s) lives transformed.

Identified more patient care needs: Optometry, prosthetics, (dental of course).

Next trip, September 28th.




One Response to “Final Trip Report April 17-25, 2010:”

  1. Chris Lundberg Says:

    I’m so proud of you all. Keep up the good work.

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