Addendum to Thursday, april 22:

Meanwhile, while Robinson and I were in Port-au-Prince with the container business, the rest of the team went to do clinic in Bayonnais for the second day. It was busier, more people showed up than the day before. Illnesses seen (theses 2 days) included a case of dengue fever, probable cutaneous anthrax, a woman having a seizure, mumps, syphilis in a thin malnourished patient who likely also had HIV-aids, probable malaria, possible lymphoma, along with lots of kids with worms, a few with otitis media, asthma, heartburn, and others.

"Lots of people with pathology" as Family Practitioner Jason Sims said

The team was still a bit ‘slap-happy’, as far as laughing at things. Many thought it was their best day yet.

After supper at the rectory Christof brought his mother and father-in-law by to see us. I had to amputate her left foot for diabetes the last time we were here (January, 09). She showed me her well-healed stump and told me how surprised all her friends were about how nicely it healed. Of course she wanted to know when she can get an artificial leg. I told her that you can’t put on an artificial leg without having a specialist (a prosthetist) to fit it and shrink the stump because you will developed bad sores on the stump preventing any further wear, getting infected, etc. It is hard to find anyone to come to Gonaives, I told her, but since the earthquake there are many more like her and specialists are starting to come. They are starting up a program at Hospital Albert Schweitzer south of here, and I will check on getting her into that one. Also, her wheelchair is wearing out (the one we left her with) so I will bring a new one on the plane with me when we come back in September.


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