Goniaves Clinic day #2

Another big clinic day. The team saw 492 patients-230 adults and 262 students. They finished about 7 pm. Jim and Luis Santiago -surgery resdient from Denver- spent the day at the hospital doing 2 hernias and a couple of minors. The lost box-#46- from a shipment from Austin in February was finally found. It was a box full of suture. They were able use some of it for the surgeries today! Annie from Austin has been staying up nights trying to find the last part of that shipment-success!! Now we have her working on the construction container. If it is possible to get it out of customs, she will make it happen. Thank you so much Annie!!


One Response to “Goniaves Clinic day #2”

  1. Dodie Says:

    Can this really be true?

    Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti , the United States rushed in to help – with money, medicine, and manpower. To date, we’ve already given over $179 million in humanitarian aid… but Barack Obama has just ordered all U.S. installations to take down their American flags, lest we be seen as an “occupying army” rather than “international partners.”

    It is patently appalling that a president of the United States would consider our flag to be a symbol of militaristic takeovers and colonialism, especially when serving (to a greater degree than any other nation on Earth) a humanitarian purpose.

    Additionally, who would think we’d want to occupy Haiti ?!

    No other country giving aid in Haiti has lowered its flag. But then again, no other country has a leader who is offended by their own flag.

    Read the article in USA Today

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