Well, our brand new team has been vetted after it’s first day seeing patients and I sure am proud of them. We hit the ground running this morning, got organized, got going, and saw 167 patients.

It was a long day, punctuated with some vivid memories. Like Jason’s description of the post-traumatic stress of a young woman who was trapped in the rubble after the earthquake for 2 days, and everyone on the team’s observations that for all their troubles, these folks sure are nice, appreciative, and un-complaining.

At one point I was driven over to the hospital by the medical director to check the status of their x-ray capability. They have the room built for it, but the brand new x-ray machine they have been promised is sitting in Port-au-Prince and they don’t know when it will get here. (I passed up on bringing an orthopedic surgeon on this trip because they had no x-ray capability). Maybe by September. Tomorrow morning our ENT surgeon, Value Cichon, and I will return at their request… Me to fix a hernia with entrapped intestines and for both of us to see some patients that they want us to see.

Annie from Austin has jumped full steam into getting our container full of construction materials out of customs in Port-au-Prince, where it has been stuck for over a year. This container is desperately needed here in Gonaives to finish the clinic we have been trying to build, courtesy of St Mary-Corwin hospital in Pueblo and Catholic Health Initiatives.

Dr SG of the hospital here is going down to St Marc tomorrow to finally receive the very expensive donated box #46 full of suture collected at Antone’s night club in Austin over 2 months ago.

I am signing off now.

Dr Jim


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