At long last, H4H Mission Trip to Gonaives to leave Sat.

We are leaving Saturday. 16 people will converge on the Miami airport during that day and evening from Colorado Springs, Denver, Billings (Montana), and Chicago to spend the night together and leave early the next morning for the airport in Port-au-Prince. The team is carrying 50 extra duffle bags and suitcases full of medicines and supplies courtesy of William Dise in Denver, of Airline Ambassadors International .

We are bound for Gonaives…our ‘annual’ trip (now at least semi-annual as the next 2 trips will be one week each in September (18th) and in January 2011). This is the trip which was originally planned for January 21st, 2010, which was postponed due to the earthquake which leveled Port-au-Prince and Leogan (and Jacmel) on January 12th. Now that some 61,000 citizens of PAP have relocated to Gonaives…many of whom arrived injured…the city of 300,000 has been severely affected by the earthquake even though it suffered little direct damage from it. It is just like the rest of Haiti.

This trip is full of primary care providers: Family and ENT doctors (Jason Sims from La Junta and Val Cichon from Pueblo), a PA (Beth Parsons from Pueblo), 2 Residents (Luis Santiago-Rosado and Nell Johnson from Denver), 3 Nurses (Karen Tyler from Longmont, Amy Woessner from Silverthorne, and Laura Shafer from Pueblo), 3 EMTs (Adam Perry from Colorado Springs, my nephew Robbie Radakovich and Nicholas Kibbee from Montana), a security specialist (Barry Drew from Pueblo), an Accountant (Rich Rose from Jupiter, Florida), 2 young people, (Taylor Jaicks, my god-daughter from Chicago who is a junior in high school, and my son Jacob, a 7th grader) and me!

We will be holding clinics in the Episcopal Church in Gonaives, St Basile’s, and it’s mission church in the country, in Bayonnaise. We are bringing surgical equipment to the hospital as well, for their use now, and ours when we come back in September with Orthopedic surgery and Anesthesiology. I also found an EKG machine for Dr St Gilles at the hospital (courtesy of Bill Mawson at St Mary-Corwin Hospital in Pueblo). While I’m there I will be finding out what it will take to get x-ray working in the hospital again. I’m also still looking for an ultrasound machine for Dr St Gilles.

We will be continuing to work with Fr Max on completion of the clinic we have been building for two years at the church. (Our container full of construction materials is still held hostage by customs at the port in Port-au-Prince after more than a year…THIS IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE TO HELPING HAITI). I will be working that too, while I’m there.

We are very excited about our trip.

Pray for the people of Haiti.



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