Last night in Haiti…again

Leaving tomorrow after another week in post-earthquake Haiti. A highly successful week from many many standpoints:

New people introduced to a new world – Ken, Pete, Greg, Russel, Yvette, Christina, Cecelia, Rob, his 2 fellow PTs.

New acquaintenances made – Artibonite MSPP Director, Corliss, Daniel MD, PH-d, Jitterbug, Josh, Liliya, Victoria-Vica, Alex Von Lignau, Miriam and her daughter, Dr Ken Pierson and his wife, Nurse Tony, Bruno and Wilgen, Jean-Jean’s wife, all the above).

Important meetings held (Nuncio, Artibonite MSPP Director, Pere Max, Roger, Dave, Nancy, Corliss), new things learned about Haiti, the Catholic Church and Order of Malta, international aid community, streets of Port-au-Prince, Petion-Ville, Pizza Garden, international grant writing ("fundraising goals must be specific" (Corliss).

Old friendships renewed (Paul, Jean-Jean).

Projects completed (Austin Med Supplies delivered to Providence Hospital Gonaives (HPG)), projects restarted (clinic, rectory bathrooms), projects started (Russell’s publicity/fundraiser, Health4haiti-FDU-AAI CONSORTIUM for helping CRS (Caritas-Haiti) rebuild St Francis Hospital, Exchange program for Peds, Intl Med, ER, for Gonaives, landmark events (dinner at the Nuncio’s) etc etc etc.

Saw old friends Amber and DJ (and enjoyed a hamburger and beer with) at the UN compound.

Did some wound care and consultations.

Went to the afternoon OCHA-UN health cluster meeting, registered H4H on the cluster.

Went to WFP with Dave and found out how to get free cargo trucking to Gonaives.

Dave will try to sign H4H up for 2 free GM trucks given by the Clinton Foundation.

Got a promise from the new Minister of Health Director (MSPP) in Gonaives to get an introduction for me to Paul Farmer.

Formed a new relationship with World Harvest and was offered by Miriam to use their franchise with customs to get containers in (takes 800 – 1000 $ to get a container through plus 1/4 of the container donated to them if it is food clothing or tents that they can use in their programs. )

Did a ton of driving.

Learned a little more Creole. (au droit, au gauch, and tu droit).

And I could still go literally on and on.

But its time to go to bed.

Dr Jim


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