Gonaives receives medical supplies

Yesterday the Providence Hospital in Gonaives received the first of two truckloads of medical supplies from Austin, Texas. Tomorrow they will receive the second.

These supplies were the generous donations of the people of Austin, through a drive at Antoine’s nightclub in January, shortly after the earthquake. EMT and video producer Annie Carr organized the drive after reading the Health4haiti blog. Although she intended for the supplies to reach me in Port-au-Prince in January, it took her all this time to get them from Austin to Miami to Haiti.

There were many, many (sometimes daily) curves, bumps, and blind alleys along the way. At one point Annie was literally sleeping on top of the boxes in a warehouse to make sure they remained safe. What a gal! It took unending energy, resourcefulness, and pit-bull tenacity to do it….and I can tell you Annie was on a mission the entire time, losing sleep over it when another and another and another bump threatened to derail it along the way. What scene number in your video that you have sworn again and again to produce about this saga did we say we were up to today, Annie, 21 or 29?

By the time they finally got on a ship and then made it to Haiti, Gonaives had 50,000 extra people from Port-au-Prince who have left permanently…many of them injured and in need of care…to take care of with their woefully inadequate medical infrastructure. These are some of the first medical supplies they have received.

Many many friends and contacts were made for Health4haiti by Annie along the way. She is now an honorary member.

She has a facebook page about it, Film and Music Relief – Austin.

Our hats are off to you, Annie.

Dr Jim


One Response to “Gonaives receives medical supplies”

  1. Annie Carr EMT-LP TX Says:

    Dr. Jim Smith is an incredibly wonderful and awesome doctor to look up to. So many people here in Austin are thrilled the supplies made it.

    Dr. Jim is a real Hawkeye and accomplished so much during his first and now his second visit to Haiti. Health 4 Haiti is an amazing effort that is spreading with grace.

    I am honored and humbled to be an honorary member of Health 4 Haiti.

    Thank you Hawkeye 🙂

    Lv Annie

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