Health4haiti returns March 1st

Hello all,

I am returning to PAP on March 1st for a week. Accompanying me will be an Orthopedic team (surgeon, PA, and surg tech), 2 nurses, and a Dental team! The orthopedic team and nurses will work at CDTI. I have had them pack all the hardware, fixiters, gowns, sterile drapes, gloves, etc. for them to fix broken bones for at least a week. William Dise of Airline Ambassadors has arranged for us to take these extra bags with us at no extra charge. (Good old William!)

The dental team and I will go to Gonaives to recon. for what now appears to be turning into a Health4haiti medical/surgical/dental outreach week there from April 17 – 25. (Team meeting about that trip for anyone who is interested in going on that one at Angelo’s Pizza on the river walk in Pueblo at 4 pm this Saturday, Feb 27th).

We have been told that Dr Savain will have to stop paying the staff at CDTI as of March 1st. (We will plan on running the autoclave ourselves if necessary, if it’s ok with him.)

Dr Jim


One Response to “Health4haiti returns March 1st”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Dr Jim, thanks for making the delivery to the folks at CDTI today. I heard from Gregory and Samuel, they are so grateful. Hope that the lights can stay on at CDTI another week.
    You and Carrie are really wonderful.

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