Orthopedic surgeon’s impressions of Haiti post-quake

This is an interview of a Colorado Springs orthopedic surgeon and his photos of his experiences after the earthquake. It captures the atmosphere there pretty well. (Note the plug for Health for Haiti near the end of clip 2!)




2 Responses to “Orthopedic surgeon’s impressions of Haiti post-quake”

  1. beauzee Says:

    Merci pour ces explications sur le CDTI , à la fois nous sommes loin car en France et en même temps proche du Dr Savain Reynold par le biais de Tine notre amie et parente de lui .
    Nous avons tous besoin de témoignage comme le vôtre pour comprendre qui soutenir et pourquoi .
    La fondation du DR Savain Jean Marc sert actuellement aux dons que nous pouvons faire auprès du CDTI.
    Je pense à mes amis haitiens chaque jour .Je reste en contact avec eux, je n’ai jamais rencontré de personnes aussi courageuses.

    • health4haiti Says:

      English translation: Thank you for these explanations on the CDTI, both because we are away in France and at the same time near Dr Reynold Savain through Tine our friend and relative of his. We all need a testimony like yours to understand that support and why. The foundation of DR Savain Jean Marc is currently the gifts we can do with the CDTI. I think of my Haitian friends every day. I remain in contact with them, I’ve never met people as courageous.

      Thank you so much. I heartily agree. (I took the liberty of translating your reply via http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/)

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