Haiti and Social Networking

Sean,I like your ideas.

By way of explanation I would like to introduce Sean to you. I met him over the phone the night before I departed for Haiti on Jan 16th, because Eric Miller told me to call him to maybe get a plane to bring in our surgical supplies. He runs a homeless shelter in Hollywood, Fl, and put up $16,000 towards the rental of a 727 airliner. I introduced him to Airline Ambassadors that night, and eventually the flight became reality. It brought down 90 doctors and nurses, supplies, and Sean came down himself to deliver antibiotics (I didn’t get a chance to meet him….I was not at the airport when they arrived….and Sean returned to his homeless shelter in Florida. We have become great friends over the phone during this last month discussing many other flights, cargos that needed transport to Haiti, etc.

He emailed this letter to me tonight, copy to you all. I watched the 2 videos it links to on you tube and decided to get on board and sign up myself.


Jim Smith MD, Pueblo Colorado

On Feb 9, 2010, at 6:59 PM, Sacacon wrote:

Jim what can we do to help, should we fly to Washington DC and meet with the Haitian Embassy and develop a real ” Needs Assessment ” Via list serve and set up a command center where logistically speaking we can serve these people. I sit here and get so frustrated on the fact we can put a man on the moon yet we cant figure out how to feed someone here on Earth. I am a homeless provider but my heart lies with pandemic planning specially the Bird Flu and how this country is not prepared and what we did with pandemic planning is to look at it and understand with social distancing ( keeping people away form each other) services would be shy. So in order to get them back in touch with each other we invented www.churchbook.us ( social networking) specifically for disasters because services and the infrastructure would be doomed at the time of a pandemic and individual planning was really the only way to survive at the time of a disaster or pandemic was to network with each other. As we have all seen facebook is being used for this earthquake.

Churchbook would be designed by zip codes so people in one community could take care of those peoples needs. For instance 1000 people would network with a church in a zip code and if Ms Peterson needed fever reducers and Walmart ran out , or Mr. Brown a senior needed to be checked on to see if he was taking his fluids and hospitals were filled then Chuirchbook would be used. Someone in that same zip code would say ” Hey Ms Peterson I have Tylenol for kids can you come by and pick it up? Or maybe Mrs. Doe would say ” I I live real close to Mr Brown and I will go by four times a day and check his fever and give him fluids and fever reducers ” this way we can serve each other . I am not saying we can use churchbook for this earthquake however we need to look at this in the future for those who want to help it would stop all the unnecessary calls and this way everyone would know what the next person is actually doing so we don’t duplicate services when not needed.

Another duty of churchbook would be used like this , lets say in zipcode 33024 there are five planes that are taking off in three days outbound to Haiti, the moderator would say I got space for meds does anyone have them? We also need pain meds? Then everyone in that zip would list what meds they have and then they all could be given instructions on when and where to get the meds to the plane. I spent so many hours on the phone and because of the telephone chain game many mistakes were made by me and other parties so this would limit the calls and the mistakes. All of us know what it took to get one plane off the ground. I am hoping churchbook gets big and can be used then I will hand it to the government for them to own and control or maybe it is better to let all of us helpers use it for free.

I dont know but we need to figure out a way to help these people in any way we can. Jim what ever I can do to help let me know we have to stop the death in the future form secondary issues as well as getting this nation ready and more stable as far as future disasters and get them to set up their own CERT teams in their own inner communities Every time there is a disaster over there it cost ten times the amount of money to respond because we have not improved their housing and infrastructure. It will save money in the future by fixing it now then responding will be less expensive. The good thing about it , is when we spend money to save money the end result means saving more lives in the future.

To all keep up the good work and I still have antibiotics for anyone to use.
To understand chruchbook go to this link and see a short news story


Sean Anthony Cononie
The Homeless Voice of South Florida

Love as always between all, the world can be good when she wants to, all we have to do is love all. Sean Anthony Cononie


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