Good news from the scene

Nancy Rivard, President of Airline Ambassadors International, has been traveling with Sean Penn in Port-au-Prince. Yesterday she took him to a very poor neighborhood known as Salino, where our friend Michael has had an orphanage for Restivic children (orphans who have been hired out as essentially slaves to survive) for the past 11 years. Michael is a Saint, and I will give you his last name if its okay with him…

But! When Dave Rivard and I and Greg Gourgue were setting up our initial Airline Ambassadors medical outreach teams right after the quake that was the very first place we sent a team, which was the first medical team that had reached them. This is very exciting.

In other news the Airline Ambassadors have been working with USAID (the lead agency, I believe, in directing all U.S. aid to Haiti) to keep the doors of the irreplaceable CDTI Hospital open. Dr Savain, principle owner of CDTI (another true Saint) is laboring to keep it open, with no help monetarily so far. Just a lot of promises, hopes, ideas. Dave Rivard (Nancy’s husband) is working with high level USAID officials so as not to lose this most precious resource. Dr Roger Jean-Charles is coordinating the efforts with the Haitian government. Keep this project in your prayers.



One Response to “Good news from the scene”

  1. Jody O'Malley Says:

    Do you know how we can get money directly to CDTI? We would like to donate. . . . .

    (Emily Hurstak’s daughter)

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