Latest news – Feb 3rd

(Blogging from the OR lounge at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital back in Pueblo in between cases). I talked to Dr Jean-Charles this morning. He a nd Dave and Nancy Rivard and Corliss are at CDTI formalizing a memorandum of understanding between CDTI hospital and Airline Ambassadors to continue keeping them supplied with medical professionals. That cements the process Dr Roger (now Airline Ambassadors Haiti President) started when he dropped me off at CDTI on the day I arrived 5 days after the disaster.

He says the surgery volume is tapering down now. Time to get the non-surgical medical pipeline open at full throttle.

That’s all for today.



2 Responses to “Latest news – Feb 3rd”

  1. Nadine Weekes Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your blog and all the work you’ve done in Haiti. I’ve been following your blog mainly b/c you’ve been mentioning my dad (Roger Jean-Charles) and it’s been the only way I”ve known how he & my mom have been doing. God bless you!

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