Setting up a command center

Message from Jim 1/26. There is a place called the Quisqueya Christian School Command Center that got into the medical professional distributing business early on after the disaster, from a nice big piece of real estate (a school) spread out over several acres with dormitories, cafeteria, etc. We have partnered with them. They have a nice place that is well established, but can only handle maybe 75 or 80 medical people, …. not the plane loads of docs and nurses that we are recieving. We are establishing our own command center and renting houses to house teams. Today I gave them the whole Colorado Springs team but they really had no place to use them. Luckily I already had Ben Massey and 10 others positioned at CDTI (hospital), so found out from him that they needed orthopods and orthopedic equipment, so I got most of them working. I found a driver that can drive back and forth to the facilities to pick up and drop medical teams off. I brought some magnetic sign for the side of my car that say “Health4Haiti” “Pueblo Colorado”. There is a medical team from Frisco, CO that were even wearing “Health4Haiti” scrub tops today. (Thank you Karla Jo and Tuxedo Ranch-Beth Bryant).


2 Responses to “Setting up a command center”

  1. Chris G. Baker Says:


    I remember you from Koshares.

    You were always an example of the great leader I strive to be.

    Thank you for once again showing us the way by facing your fears, by giving of yourself, staying organized and through it all, helping others with that very characteristic smile.


  2. Tuxedo Ranch Says:

    Glad we could help in our own very small way. Thanks for the good work you are doing for the people of Gonaives.

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