Jan 26th

Spent the morning transporting 32 doctors and nurses from the airport to our new Airline Ambassador’s Command Center at rented house where I am also sleeping on the floor last 3 nights when I get back there and finish my ‘homework’ (take note my 2 kids, Jacob, 13 and Jennifer 17!) usually around 1 AM.Next half of day organizing them into deployment teams and managing to deploy most of them to CDTI where our Health4haiti anesthesiologist and operating nurse Debbie Valdez have opened a 4th operating room. Marianne Wood, RN (former owner of the Cock and Bull – one our favorite gathering places in Pueblo) went to the slums for the 2nd day (she’s got real pluck) and delivered medical care to a small corner of a slum of thousands. I really respect her for going into that environment with her 2 American-Haitian nurses Alexandra Atti and Nazaline Lajeunesse, (who also came down on the flight two days ago) and Dr Bob Hilgers, Obstetrical Gynecologist from Kentucky. This was our first Airlineamb.org (Airline Ambassadors Intn’l) Medical Outreach Team delivering medical care directly to enclaves of people who have not seen other medical care teams to date.

In the evening I met a Special Forces Army Major (will keep name annonynmous because I havent asked him for permission to use it over the internet) who has flown into virtually every major city to deliver medical care personnel. He tells me their are already other countries manning our hospital in Gonaives. (Dr. St Gilles, the administrator, had emailed me 3 days ago asking why we haven’t shown up for our scheduled annual surgical/medical mission there. He says they have lots of wounded). The Major is also trying to get a helicopter flight to a 60 bed american NGO hospital out on the wester penninusula of Haiti to take the take an orthopedist there today to see if they need help.




3 Responses to “Jan 26th”

  1. Debbie (Engle) Stevenson Says:

    Enjoying your comments and continue to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

  2. Melissa Gurule RN Says:

    Stay safe, Dr. Smith, and safety to all the other wonderful people who have volunteered.

  3. Bill Small Says:

    I received the following email and wondered if there was a way to get in touch:

    ATCO Structures and Logistics is being asked to provide considerable assistance to the Haiti rescue and recovery program. We will have senior personnel on the ground there next week. I was thinking that it might be of benefit if they were to make contact with your good Samaritan in Haiti, as he is very likely to be able to guide our people through prioritizing their potential actions. Hopefully they will be able to address some of his immediate concerns. Could you possibly send me his contact details if you think the connection could be valuable to the Haiti program.

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