Quick brief, Monday 1/25

I have quick access to the internet for a moment tonight:

Am furiously trying to keep up with plane loads of doctors and nurses coming in today. We received 32 doctors and nurses today, briefed them on the situation in Haiti, brought them to a house we have rented, divided them up into teams, and transported them to hospitals and our first outreach clinic… bringing medical care “directly to the people”. (People who have not been reached by any medical care providers yet). Dave Rivard of Airline Ambassadors International … for and with whom I am working now, along with Dr. Jean-Charles (AKA Dr. Roger), (three musketeers), have spent basically 2 full days now trying to track down plane loads of medical supplies shipped down here by Airline Ambassadors. No luck with supplies, but are meeting the people they need to meet at the UN, USAID, SouthCom (military) to get things rolling. Meanwhile they found out that there is now a large warehouse opened by USAID which we can get medical supplies from for the asking.

The outreach clinic group of 4, including Maryianne Wood from Pueblo got to go out to a very poor neighborhood orphanage called Salino this afternoon and set up clinic out of a duffel bag. They were shining this evening when I saw them, feeling so good about their contact with the Haitians there. They were told by the American who has run this orphanage for 11 years … which was destroyed … that ‘his boys’ would rather take a bullet in the head than to let anything happen to any one of their team because they love them so much for being here.

Ben Massey, Debbie Valdez, and Karla Prentiss arrived today. (Karla is not with us, but with Medishare at the airport). I took Ben and Debbie and 8 others to my hospital from last week, CDTI, this evening to start first time night shift operations, and they are pumped up. It looks like they have found a home. Did 6 surgeries this evening.

Life is fast and oh so satisfying.



2 Responses to “Quick brief, Monday 1/25”

  1. Ana Campos Says:

    Annie Carr of Texas successfully collected and loaded 13,000 pounds (18 pallets plus gurneys) of medical supplies on an 18 wheeler this afternoon headed to a Miami warehouse. Once in Miami we are working on flying this shipment to you directly.

    This is the address written on the 18 pallettes plus
    Health 4 Haiti – Attention: Dr. Jim Smith

    Next to Sacred Heart Cathedral

    Is this the most accurate information?

    If possible please call me Ana Campos 954-793-3279 or Brad Schenck 786-218-2298 to confirm and include any changes or details we need to know.

    Ana Campos
    Logistics Coordinator for the
    Miami Haiti Relief Task Force Warehouse
    7230 NW Miami Court Miami Florida 33150

  2. Bev Jantzi Says:

    Keep up the good work! There are people praying for you in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. God bless you and the many you are directing to help. We also keep the people of Haiti in our prayers!

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