We Are the World

Jim keep hearing the song “We Are The World” on radio in Haiti and is completely inspired and feeling grateful of all the support that the world is showing for this devastated country and all its people.


3 Responses to “We Are the World”

  1. Robert Says:

    Has anyone heard from Paul d’Haiti and his family?

  2. lynne wagner Says:

    Jim very kindly helped 4 of us from Denver last week work at CDTI. I will be forever grateful for his support in getting us over there, housing us, checking on us, and keeping his eternally cheerful attitude. I can only guess how tired he must be by now.
    I arrived home Friday and have been trying to reach a translator I worked with at CDTI, Louissant Gregory. I cannot get through on the cell phone # he gave me. If Jim happens to be at CDTI and runs into Gregory, please give him my phone # 303-809-9272 as I am trying to direct some financial help to him. Thank you, Lynne Wagner

  3. Leslie Sosnowski Says:

    HI JIm,
    I’m thinking about you every moment of every day. Take care, buddy.
    I know you are giving your all, and then lots more. The people of Haiti are lucky to have you there.
    I gave up my spot on the medicare mission to a larger man, and someone who can do the job better at this point. I think Karla has your supplies. They got in this AM. William ended up in the DR.
    Give my best to Roger and Denise,
    Is Nancy with you?
    “You are the World”,

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