Ginger Vaughn and Eric Miller’s team blog

The following blog comes from the group that our first two responders went with, Eric Miller, RN and Ginger Vaughn, MD. As of today the offical death count is 111,481 and they pulled a man out today that had been buried for 11 days in the crushed supermarket.

Good Afternoon Jim,

Take a moment to read/view Frank’s account of his just finished search & rescue mission in Haiti .

This update is complete with new video of his successful life-saving extractions, and details his time in Haiti since the quake struck.

Please share this link with your list, as we are now flying 3,000+ pounds of food down on cargo planes on a regular basis, and really need your help .

As Frank says: Compassion without Action is a Waste of Emotion.

Kimberley Trombly-Burmeister

Executive Director

Caring House Project Foundation

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