Additional OR teams to arrive on Monday

Additional supplies and medical providers are scheduled to arrive on Monday morning and afternoon. Dr Ben Massey, anesthesiologist from Pueblo will be joined by a medical team from Colorado on a relief flight leaving Miami on Monday morning. Drs. Peter Janes and Anthony Brocato along with Matthew Cowell, Patty Janes and Kate Hamzi all from Frisco, Mary Ann Woods from Pueblo, Dr Victoria King from Canon City will be arriving Monday morning in PAP. Dr. Robert Hilger,GYN from Kentucy will join the team. Another team out of Denver will be arriving Monday afternoon. They will be bringing a fresh supply of OR supplies to continue life saving surgeries. Jim was interviewed on the news the evening and says there are still hundreds maybe thousands that are living in a tent city near their hospital still waiting for care for since the first earthquake Tuesday, January 11th. Supplies are still slow coming and diesel for the hospital generator is hard to come by. Dr. Ron Edgar, anesthesiologist from Denver, in PAP since the beginning of this week , says a bottle of water sells for $7 on the street.


4 Responses to “Additional OR teams to arrive on Monday”

  1. Jan Lewis Says:

    Our prayers are with all of you continually. In the longer term picture, I’m wondering about Corwin’s willingness, ability to take some amputees for rehab. Letter to Chieftain to be published tomorrow advocating for Pueblo community to take refugees and offering to coordinate. We could take a family in our home. Know you are now focused on saving lives, but just thinking ahead.

  2. lori boarman Says:

    Bless you all. I pray for relief, comfort and rest for you. May God bless your continued amazing attitude and the body that is working through him.

  3. Karen Jackson Says:

    Please know that heartfelt prayers are with you all from here in Sandy Hook, CT. We have been following your daily updates and I have shared the information with my middle school students. We all feel a strong need to do something to help and the kids have eagerly decided to begin a fundraising campaign to assist your group and also Save the Children. Other than money, is there anything else more “tangible/personal” (ie. gently used stuffed animals, clothing, etc) that the students could donate to the children of Haiti?
    Please send my love and best regards to my cousin Ben Massey
    God bless and protect you all.

  4. Evetts Says:

    great post thanks for this useful information!

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