Day 6

Jim took his first shower today and got 6 hours of sleep last night. Sounds like a new person today. He says he is going to need 24 hours of sleep when he gets home. Last night he took a couple of patients in his rental car to another hospital. He met Paul Farmer yesterday. They are going to talk today about ways to help the clinic and hospital in Goniaves in the future. They are still having problems getting supplies to keep the operating rooms running. We have another OR team of 14 that is arriving Monday that will have fresh supplies and fresh help for the hospital.


5 Responses to “Day 6”

  1. Cyd Weiland and Rob Smith Says:

    Thank you Carrie!! Jim is doing great stuff and so are you!

  2. Amber McVicker Says:

    I think that Dr. Smith is doing something completely amazing! Please pass along my huge thank you to him. My family and I will keep him and the people of Haiti in our prayers.

  3. Betty Bradbury Says:

    Am with you there in spirit, too, Jim and Carrie. Jim you are truly a chip off the old blocks: Bob and Marje Smith. There are many nurse-miwives, colleagues of mine, scattered about Haiti, helping where they can, as well. I am so proud of all of you. Prayers for you and the people of Haiti.

  4. Sharon Murphy Says:

    So good to be able to know a little of how things are going with you, Jim. We are praying for your safety and for the lives of those you are helping. And, for Carrie who is keeping the home fires burning!

  5. Sharon Murphy Says:

    I didn’t know I said that!!! You all are too busy to be replying. I’ll check another square.

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