Jim finally got his 8 bags full of supplies today. They were seperated from him in Florida and he has had only his backpack for the last 4 days. A wonderful woman named Ruth Matranga picked them up in West Palm Beach and got them to Miami for the flight this morning. She was a gift given to us by Airline Ambassadors International. Thank you so much Ruth!! Jim said they were out of most OR supplies yesterday. His bags are full of gloves, medicine, bandages, syringes/needles, scapels and suture. Thank you to Anne Carr and her friends in Austin who have been gathering medical supplies that should be headed to Florida for a Coast Guard Cutter that is scheduled to leave on Friday. Thank you also for everyones prayer and support for Jim.


10 Responses to “Supplies”

  1. Mark A. Ricken Says:

    Dr Jim

    Have been thinking of you often especially following todays after shock! Hopefully it did’t do a lot of damage where you are. Sounds like you have been very busy since you arrived. My wife and I have been praying every morning and evening for you and the people of Haiti you are treating. I know they are in good hands yours and the Good Lords. Please take care of yourself and stay safe as you do Gods work down there! Mark Ricken

  2. Cyd Weiland and Rob Smith Says:

    Thinking of you all the time . . . and also Carrie and the kids. We are very proud of the work you are doing. Let us know how we can help. Cyd and Rob

  3. Annie Carr Says:

    Hey there

    Raising supplies has gone way beyond whatever we could have imagined. Thousand plus sutures, casting materials, padding, lots of lidocaine, Surgery gowns by the dozens, diabetic supplies, othopedic walking boots, wrist braces, knee braces, splints, boxes upon boxes of elastic bandage, three wheel chairs, @ 125 sets of crutches, tape, sponges, surgery supplies, 02 tubing, IV supplies, IV tubing, we’re getting it all.

    And I’ll refer to him as Dr. A, but a wonderful doc is on a mission to get some pharmacy companies to donate antibiotics that are just expired or about to. Lets hope he is successful.

    Rasha with the City of Miami is handling our shipment. She says the Coast Guard has their own priorities if they took our supplies. She’s working on getting the supplies delivered. Furthermore, Governor Perry’s office here in Texas stated that Rasha and the City of Miami is the best contact we can get for handling this situation. Apparenty, Miami Dade turned down the offer of our Texas Task force, and no other State Gov is allowed to fly into Haiti.

  4. Lyndell Starkovich Says:

    Dr. Smith
    We are thinking about you and Pray that your work goes well. Let us know how we can help. Please take care of yourself you are truely a blessing.
    Lyndell Starkovich

  5. Gail Sommerfeld Says:


    We are so happy that you are in Haiti and helping those so in need. We are praying that you continue to save lives and remain safe and healthy! Hope you can feel our love and support from South Dakota. God Bless you.

    Love, The Sommerfeld’s

  6. Duzenack's & Heikes' Says:

    HI Dr. Jim – Mom took a little more money to your office yesterday and spoke with Carrie. What a miracle worker you have been and CONTINUE to be ! We’ve talked about a mission trip together – maybe someday, but in the meantime – Thanks for all you do and have done ! Thanks Carrie for keeping the “home front” in order. We’ll have to go horseback riding and visit when this is all over ! Love you guys, Irene, Jean and the “gang”

  7. Pat (RD)and Cliff Gordon(RN) Says:

    Hi Dr. Smith
    Way to go! We at Parkview are so proud and wishing you well. Wish we were there to help. Let us know how we can help with supplies.

  8. Shirley Ballard Says:

    Thinking of you and all the others there in Haiti. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you. May God bless and take care of you,and give you the strength and courage you need to get through the much needed work you are doing . Again, God Bless and keep safe.
    Shirley @ Parkview OR

  9. Josh Longenecker Says:

    Dr. Smith,
    My wife and I have been following your journey since the earthquake devastasted Haiti. Our family has been moved by your heart for these precious people. We watched your interview on the local news and were inspired to join your efforts. I am a 5th grade teacher at a Colorado Springs elementary school and tomorrow we start a week long coin drive to support the work you are doing. We contacted your office and they guided us on how to give to your foundation. We will continue to follow your work and pray for you, your team, and the millions of people hit by this tragedy. Many people talk of doing great things…Dr Smith…you are doing them…thank you!!!! Please respond if you like or if you have any specific needs we can meet!
    Thank you! Josh Longenecker

  10. Jeff Stuyt Says:

    Dear Jim and Carrie –

    When I was in Haiti on a previous trip with Ascension Church, it was amazing to see how poor the country was and how resilient most of its residents. And this was before the recent hurricanes and earthquake.
    We witnessed impromptu surgery and the distribution of medications and nutritional supplements such as iron to people who sat patiently for hours waiting to be seen.
    This taught us a great deal about true hardship and what it might be like to live with it permanently. We are proud that you are offering your medical and organizational skills (including Carrie’s) once more to those who have received an incredible challenge from God… you are truly blessed individuals! Let us know what we can do on this end – Jeff

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