Haiti, day 3

Feel free to use my blog for your reports. Am working in modern 36 bed hospital. Newest one in PAP. Had it s grand opening a year ago. State of the art hospital. Mildly damaged. Functional except for damaged cat scanner. We re doing 30 amputation per day here. Limbs that have now become gangrenous. Running out of sterile gowns and drapes for surgery, casting materials, iv fluids, antibiotics, bandages, and drinking water. It is all log-jammed at the airport, awaiting the establishment of the army bureaucracy. We are working feverishly with Airlineamb.org to get our own flights full of med supplies directly off planes when they arrive to avoid them getting lost in the pile up. The first teams of surgeons are leaving, and we are trying to find replacements. I did some amputations yesterday. Today I worked on getting replacements and supplies. Tomorrow I will be back in the operating room awaiting the arrival of more surgeons.

Dr Jean-Charles is great. We are working very closely together and with the Minister of Health and his new commissioner for the relief operation. His wife Denise and her friends are volunteering as interpreters at the hospitals.

Jim Smith


6 Responses to “Haiti, day 3”

  1. Annie Carr Says:

    Hey dr. Jim,

    We had our medical drive today in downtown Austin Texas at Antones Night club. amazed at turn out and have surgical gowns, casting, splints, sutures, a ton of lidocaine, catheters… The lust goes on.

    We do have a private Jet, but we may not be able to fly in till Tuesday, but after tobight, that may change.

    I’ll have a better list tommoow after we sort, ziplck, and pack everything. I will keep you posted on delivery day. Additionally, a local doc is trying to get two large companies to donate their antibiotics that are close to expiring.

    I have a husband & wife, where the husband specializes in internal medicine, but can do surgeries. His wife is a vet, and she operates on simmians. They may be an incredible team, they’re just working on her Visa at the moment.

    Let me know he facility name and address. We will get these supplies to you!!

    I’ll keep in touch.


    Annie Carr

  2. Ronna Says:

    Just want you to know I am thinking about you and praying for you while you are there, and I’m certainly praying for all those affected by this terrible tragedy. I pray God’s blessings for you all and over all your efforts there. Be safe.

  3. Richelle Says:

    So Very Sad.

  4. James Amos of Pueblo Chieftain Says:

    Thanks sir. By the way, the editors wanted to know if you have any photos. If not, I sure understand, but I needed to ask. Keep up the good work and be safe please – James

  5. Melissa Jean-Charles Says:

    Hi Jim. So glad to hear some news about my parents after the 6.1 after shock. This is the only info I have been able to get in the past few days. Please tell my dad and mom, Roger and Denise, that if they get the chance, to please call! Thank you!

    Melissa Jean-Charles

  6. Regine Michelle Jean-Charles Says:

    Hello, I am the youngest daughter of Dr. Roger and Denise, this blog has been such a blessing to my sisters and me! When the phone lines are down and we cannot get through, we look here and are encouraged by our parents faithfulness, passion, and activism. God bless them, God bless you and God bless our Ayiti cherie.

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