Waiting at the airport

In the morning I will attempt to get to Haiti. I travelled all day to get here (Palm Beach Florida) from Colorado. I am told this evening by the Ambassador that we still don’t have clearance to get in, and may end up in the Dominican Republic. Many doctors and nurses and other volunteers are making their way to the Florida coast from around the country also without a promise of getting a flight. We will eventually get in…just like getting into medical school. You eventually get there if you want to badly enough. It’s hard to imagine what we’re going into, though. I’m not turning on the news tonight. I don’t want to know. They need us in there.

Dr Jim


3 Responses to “Waiting at the airport”

  1. julie Says:

    thank you for doing what your doing. i have a ticket to haiti. leaving in 10 days. letting some people that know more than i do pave some of the way – i wish you well. keep us posted. i’m just a stranger looking at postings from volunteers. see what’s going on over there. i’m interested in knowing how dangerous it really is. god bless.

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