News from the heart of the city

I just got of the phone with Dr Roger (Jean-Charles, MD you know) who has been going to places to find out if anyone survived, sleeping in his car until tonight when they say it will be safe to go back into his damaged house, generally assessing the situation and finding out the medical needs. Here is his news:
The 2 functioning hospitals that he has been to. Both in ‘Dire need’ of the following:
D5W, D5NS, KCL,Antibiotics:IV and PO,Local anesthetics (Lidocaine) and General anesthetics,Diabetic meds (both insulin and oral agents),casting materials (and I’ll add ‘External fixaters’), sutures (both absorbable and non-absorbable, surgical supplies, orthopedic surgeons (and anesthesiologists, general surgeons, etc. of course), cots (not near enough beds for patients there), IV poles (presently using poles made of tree branches, nails to hang the bags, and rocks to hold them up).

He says that with no clean water in the city we can expect epidemics of cholera, typhoid and the like. They are estimating that there are over 200,000 families living on the streets. “A lot of people have left this previously over-populated area and gone elsewhere in the province”.

The 2 functioning hospitals are:
CDTI (good shape, state-of-the-art hospital, had grand opening a year ago, located in a residential neighborhood area of ‘Sacre Coeur’ (sp?)
Canape Vert

Roger says “Give my love to everybody”.

And this just in: ( Just got off the phone with Eric Miller, RN (Health4haiti member along with Ginger Vaughn, RN) at the airport UN compound with Frank Mckinney’s Clearing House Project team)
Functioning NGO hospitals he knows of are MSF and PIH of course, UN hospital at the airport (where he saw them doing surgeries outside last night)
Eric says “the medical needs here are overwhelming”.

Dr Jim


One Response to “News from the heart of the city”

  1. Annie Carr EMT-LP TX Says:

    URGENT: WE in the film & music industry here in Austin, TX have a direct connection with KID – Kids in Distress in Miami who are facilitating with the city of Miami for the delivery of supplies to Haiti. We do not know who in Haiti will recieve these supplies but we are sending them asap. WE know they will go to the airport.

    We have already organized a Medical Supplies Drive at Antones here in Austin on Tuesday at 11:00 am. I see your list for supplies in your post. If you have any items to add, then please advise me because we are getting the local news and radio involved.

    Im assuming these supplies are needed exponentially and that field units would be able to use them as well. I don’t know what we can get to you, but if there is a will there is a way! Perhaps we can divide surgical supplies with field supplies and lable them for you.

    Please advise –


    Annie Carr

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