2 team members on the ground in PAP

Eric Miller, RN and Ginger Vaughn, MD arrived in Haiti this evening with an extrication and medical team organized by Eric and funded by Frank McKinney and his “Clearing House Project” (they have built several “villages” around Haiti). Eric spoke to me by satellite phone and said that the place seemed remarkably calm (at least at midnight). But that they were told that everything was very calm on the streets as well. They were headed for the Embassy tonight, he said.

I am leaving Denver at 9 am tomorrow for West Palm Beach, Fl to catch a ride on a plane belonging to the Finish Ambassador to PAP. Failing that, I am helping organize two 727 planeloads of medical supplies donated by Henry Schien Company in response to Dr Roger Jean-Charles request for IV fluids, antibiotics, and bandages and surgical supplies for the
hospitals which are operating in PAP and desperately need them. Planes are being rented by Sean, who runs a homeless shelter in Hollywood and also does disaster relief (on a big scale!).
If I don’t get on with the Finish plane I will probably go on Sunday with them.

Dr Jim


2 Responses to “2 team members on the ground in PAP”

  1. Tara Berreth Says:

    Dr. Smith:
    Have a safe trip. We are praying for all of you and those in need of your help. God Bless, Tara Berreth

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