Roger R. Jean-Charles, MD

Roger is in PAP with our truck and other vehicles trying to get hospital supplies for the hospitals. IV fluids, bandages, gauze, etc. I am working with Airline Ambassadors to get something going for him.
Dr Jim


5 Responses to “Roger R. Jean-Charles, MD”

  1. Bill Murray Says:

    Thank God for the good news about my father-in-law, Dr. Roger Jean-Charles!!!

  2. Denise Kelly Says:

    Hi, I am trying to get in touch with Dr Roger Jean Charles or some of his associates. I have met him several times over the past few years. I’m Executive Director of the CRUDEM Foundation, we have Hopital Sacre Coeur in Milot, Haiti. The hospital is open and operating, we have capacity to care for up to 200 injured. If you could please facilitate communication between us perhaps we could figure out ways of getting medical supplies and volunteers to Dr Roger from the North of Haiti and bringing patients back to Milot hospital if necessary. Thanks for your help, Denise Kelly

  3. Roberta LaCava Says:

    Hello my old friend Roger Jean Charles.

    I have thought of you so many times over the years, but especially now with this cataclysmic tragedy in Haiti.

    My prayers are with you and God bless you for everythig you are doing.

    Hope to talk with you one day, soon.

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