Salt Lake City Company donates Oxygen sensors

Our Biomedical Equipment Technician, Doug Lafko recently sent the following request to Salt Lake City’s Maxtec, Inc:

“We recently received 2 Narkomed 2Bs and I am trying to get
them ready to be shipped. The machines are in great shape but need a few minor parts ( O2 sensors ). This is how I have been lead to you.
Anything that you could do would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Take care and God bless.
Douglas Lafko
Senior Biomedical Equipment Technician”

Maxtec’s Reply:

“Thank you for giving us this opportunity to help out. We are sending
you 2 Max-2’s which fix the Narkomed analyzers. They are going UPS ground free of charge and should be arriving on Wednesday. Thank you again and have a great holiday weekend.
Michelle Jones
Customer Service
Maxtec Inc, Salt Lake City Utah
“Improving life. One Breath at a time””

(Maxtec Inc, Salt Lake City Utah, “has been a leader in oxygen analysis and delivery products for more than 15 years.”)

We thank the kind folks at Maxtec for their help.

The members of Health4haiti


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