Former Prime Minister of Haiti our guest speaker

We are very pleased to announce that Haiti’s former Prime Minister, Honorable Jacque Edouard Alexis, will be flying from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti to speak at our 2nd Annual Health4haiti fundraising dinner and auction, in Pueblo, Colorado on October 2, 2009.

We are quite fortunate to have him come speak with us about
his vision for the future of health care in Gonaives.

Mr. Alexis has been the Prime Minister of Haiti twice in the brief decade or so since Haiti overthrew its totalitarian dictators of the Duval family (the infamous Papa and Baby Docs). He is an educator, and prior to his first appointment as Prime Minister in 1998 – 2001 he was named the country’s Minister of Education in 1996. He and his wife grew up in Gonaives, and he wrote me that “we both deeply appreciate your dedication to and compassion for our beloved city, Gonaives, devastated recently and also before by a series of hurricanes.” His second appointment as Prime Minister was in 2006 (through August, 2008), and during that tenure he was influential in beginning the first public university in Gonaives, which included the nursing school which we first saw in January of 2008. He has graciously offered to share with us his vision for the future of medical care and education in Gonaives. This is crucial information that we need in order to know how to proceed to help the Haitians with these things as we continue our projects there. This will be a significant milestone in our partnership to help them in their struggles. For those of you who can come, I look forward to seeing you there. For those of you who can’t, know that we are continuing to make a difference for our friends there, who appreciate it so much.

Dr. Jim


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